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WPH Philosophy

Water Project for Haiti
began working in the Borel community in June 2011 with only a plot of land. In less than a year, the organization became fully operational with the construction of a production facility, the hiring and training of three full-time technicians, and the production of a limited number of biosand filters. The first filter installations were completed in July 2012.

Since October 2012 when project managers Tim and Bim Arthun arrived, WPH hired two additional employees and manufactured, distributed, and continues to support over 900 biosand filters throughout the towns of Arcahaie, Borel, Coupon, Deschapelles, Liancourt, Marin, Matino, St. Marc, and Verrettes.

Water Project for Haiti's core philosophy is based on Haitians helping themselves. We provide a hand up, not a hand out, by improving overall quality of life. Through the production and distribution of the biosand filters, thousands of Haitians have access to clean, safe water and better health. This is especially impactful among those with compromised immune systems, such as young children and the elderly. Filters are available for purchase for a nominal price to encourage owner buy-in and proper usage.

Impriving Quality of Life

Hundreds of families, schools, and churches - and thousands of individuals - realize the benefit of clean, safe water by using a WPH biosand filter. WPH has nearly 1,000 concrete biosand filters in use in the Artibonite Valley, and has helped place an additional 600 (and counting) by providing filter media to other organizations.filter install

Creating Jobs

WPH nearly doubled its labor force in the first year of operation. As demand increases, additional employment opportunities become available.

Stimulating the Economy

WPH produces the concrete biosand filters with materials purchased in country and by employing Haitians. Our technicians pour back into the economy by using their income to make additional purchases.


WPH technicians make regular follow-up visits with filter owners to identify health and sanitation risks in their home, provide hygiene education, and ensure that owners understand the correlation between clean water and good health.


Technicians routinely check filter homes to ensure that the filters are working and being used properly. Follow-up visits are conducted four times in the first year: one week after installation, one month after installation, within 3-6 months, and within 6-12 months. If filter owners have issues or concerns with the functionality of a filter, they can reach a technician by calling a designated service number.


WPH is a Christian mission headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. As missionaries, we are called to build relationships with the people we serve so God can work in the hearts and lives of everyone involved.

Water Project for Haiti... clean water for the body; living water for the soul.


Charity Headquarters

Water Project for Haiti is an Okanagan Valley organization, based in Vernon BC, that provides water management solutions to the people of Haiti.

Tel: (808) 679-8189 (Board)
Fax: (866) 318-6598

Tel:  (509) 4316-1025 (Haiti)